Evaluating 3D printers

2018-10-30 11:42:23

It wasn't that long ago that the concept of a 3D printer - a desktop device that could print out figurines, machine parts and working toys - was something out of a futuristic daydream. Well, the future is here, and 3D printers are as well.Computerworld senior reporter Lucas Mearian is very familiar with the ins and outs of desktop 3D printing. He's tried out and reported on a wide range of printers, from very simple family devices to more sophisticated machines that would suit a small business or enterprise.What follows is a rundown of some of the reviews that Mearian has written evaluating a selection of recent 3D printers, including beginner devices costing under $300 professional systems priced at about $3,500, and several in-between.In each slide, we present what he felt were the outstanding features of the printer, along with the results of his most challenging test: Building an intricate 5-in.-tall model of the Eiffel Tower.And if you'd like to read the full reviews and see the videos that Mearian made to accompany some of the articles - we've linked to each